Are “Gaming” Parts ACTUALLY Faster?

Is it just me or does it feel like gaming has been slapped on pretty much everything at this point I mean we’re talking from stuff that makes sense like mice and video cards all the way to glasses or chairs But does using “gaming” components actually make your PC better for gaming? Well, We built these two PC’s and tested them head-to-head To find out and we’re going to tell you after these messages from TunnelBear TunnelBear thinks the Internet is better when everyone can openly access the same content. Try TunnelBear for free at [Intro music: Laszlo Supernova] So our methodology was pretty simple we started with a well balanced machine core i5-8400 16GB of RAM GTX 1070 M.2 NVME SSD Etc then we replicated the exact same config as closely as possible Except that to the best of our ability we replaced every single component with a ‘gaming’ version of the same thing so if it didn’t have something about “Powering up your squad” or just “gaming” right in the product name it was out It actually ended up being a lot easier than we thought so We have not only easy ones like gaming graphics card and gaming motherboard, but also a gaming SSD gaming power supply Gaming a AIO cooler Even our case fans are all gaming-ed out. I mean look at this look at this packaging According to these blurbs from the manufacturers their hardware will “deliver upon us a new era of gaming” “It will bring a real body blow to your opponents” “Attack its weak point for massive damage” and even enable one to “Master the decisive moments and succeed in all attacks” Wow, that sounds great. Let’s fire up some synthetic tests to [*Massive Gasp*] No well This can’t be right. What what all these numbers are within 3% of one another whatever in the world could be happening I was promised a new era of body blows and decisive moment mastery success Maybe to have the amazing gaming experience advertised on the box.

I have to play real games No. ‘No’ again This is consistent with what we got earlier on Just what in the hell is going on here?! okay in all seriousness though Let’s talk about what happened here many of you probably saw this coming, but it turns out that Slapping a gaming monicker on a product and adding some RGB and fancy styling does not make it Magically perform noticeably better. The only things that affect the performance of a PC are its actual specs the clock speeds of the given products inside it and potentially cooling for example when we clocked our reference non-gaming gtx 1070 graphics card to match the speeds of the gaming version the results equalized so why is everyone putting ‘Gaming’ in their product names?

Well our first guess was that they wanted to charge suckers more for it But while your mileage may vary depending on the particular models you choose and how much you’re willing to drop on additional ‘enhancement elements’ like RGB lighting and custom power supply cables our gaming machine ended up costing about the same as our vanilla one and actually included some tangible benefits. First up, our GPU came with a higher boost clock out of the box, which it was easily able to maintain thanks to its enhanced cooling. Gaming class cards also tend to come with extras like multiple temperature sensors or OC switches that make kicking them into a higher gear a one-click affair Second yeah, we have to bring it up Style. Our gaming machines looks immediately tell us what she was built for some manufacturers like ASUS even enable you to sync your system and Graphics card lighting via their software. With that said more and more these days even vanilla parts, like the ASUS PRIME Z370‑A in our non-gaming machine, come with RGB capabilities so some people like a Nondescript box tucked under their desk turning out “them” frames while others prefer the other this one is clearly subjective But we had to mention it.

Bringing us to number 3 gaming parts often come bundled with game codes or Paraphernalia like do not enter. I’m gaming door hangers and gaming related stickers and That’s it. That’s about all we came up with our 2 systems cost about the same Perform about the same and their quality is about the same So then why dump so much money into the development and marketing of these products if they Perform the same – Like why does ROG even exist well? Because even though the base level of these gaming branded products do actually cost about the same What these brands do are a couple of things.

Number one is they allow companies to create Halo models that do sell for a lot more for the people out there who value bragging rights above performance per dollar and then number two is that even for that regular stuff that doesn’t make more money as marketing strategies go it seems to be working really well When we did our last audit of orders through our Amazon affiliate code We actually found that even for a category like video cards Which never used to have gaming in the name since I think the manufacturers figured it was implied Gaming models were out selling their non gaming counterparts significantly So there you have it Gaming Doesn’t make it faster, but it also doesn’t necessarily make it slower, so I think the real takeaway here is um.. Come to think of it What did we learn today? That this video was brought to you by Dollar Shave Club If you haven’t already now’s the time to try out Dollar Shave Club. It is more than just razors. Dollar Shave Club makes it easy for you to upgrade your shave and your bathroom And you don’t even have to step foot in a store to get high-quality shaving and grooming products.

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