Flare Play Gaming Bundle

That is a great idea that’s coming up in just a few moments. We’ve a few more we’ve minutes of talk about mi the kids! I’m thrilled and excited to give you the first opportunity, the official launch at hsn for what is called flare play. ‘s is a kid friendly gaming console. Gaming console, leo’s going to walk us through, through, lea’s console is usually talk about we talk about playstation, xbox, nintendo wii, but start a $400, $500, zero games included!

This concept is more like con what netflix and rocher was about, you get to stream a Roku online games, casino games, you get the play a new game every single take, their educational games, there are disney titles. There is your opportunity to join the flare play gaming world for your kids, for younger kids of her youn those developing and growing up, you do not have to spend five or $600, you do not have to buy a gift of 4050 $60 apiece, and you get a totally portable system, one that you go to grandma’s house. It can go to a hotel room  40, 40,50 what you get today, is the best deal you’ll find anywhere in the entire industry, $20 off, free shipping, for flex only for the rest f of the show.

When the have a couple thousand of these at this lunch, and with your purchase nine months of free unlimited, as many games as are available, hundreds of thousands of titles and more coming in every single month. Nine months of included gameplay! Passos nine months, if you choose to continue, it is $15 a month. Nobody else month though includes nine months included with mon your purchase or offers a console that says a Kerry a bull, as travel will, and is kid will, a friendly as flare play. This is one you can feel great about shopping with.

Absolutely, you will get the base package with th his 50 games, think his about what you spend for one app on your phone, for one game. 50 games just in the base just in package, and you would get the premium package, an additional 28 games, and that is reagan’s of the Marvel superheroes, marvel legos, you’ll mar love having this! Yet lo the controller, where you have it is simple yo and easy navigation, you go to the menu and going to my stuff right here. We will check out all of the things that you have. There is so much you t can play with, if you want to go on the free w to play, check out this! We are literally talking about so many titles, ab and you know what this a is all about?

This is about education, math tools, being able to too have critical thinking skills.let’s talk about that for a moment, if th you are struggling a little bit because the kids and grandkids say they want a gaming console, first of all your upset about the you fact that that means a lot of violent titles, and your upset about the fact that cost $600 and then you are stacking your kids, your your kid grandkids parents with a bill every signal month for the games. This is better, more wholesome, more versatile experience, and for the next nine months does ne not cost the spindle penny. Today, it is only 20 bucks.

There are are single there are 50 games and hear the games you’re going to have in use, loving take you use into the parental controls. This would be all set up for you, really simple and easy navigation, what happens is that now you can control exactly what con your children are watching. Could set a pin, 8 inch age 86, age 9, or allowed to age 17, 17, 6 to be able to 17, have a simple and easy navigation, what is navi great about what is grea being able to do this, you now have total control! Let me just do a little pain, we will a go over here and you go will choose exactly the numbers that you want to set.

If you want to get rid of that, you could totally get rid of that as well. Check the status, going to my stuff and check out what you now have access to! We just talked a little bit about the free play, you because action and adventure. Here’s the flare play me a package, there are 28 titles. These are streaming titles, 28 of them. Titl there some of the there hottest titles, some of the fun games you will t be able to play.

From super splatters the lord of the rings, two mx gp, the nba. Host of these are legitimate titles!look at the h size of this consul!

Consoles ithas eight diggs of external storage, it ext goes all the way up to g 32 of you have a small 3 xt card, it holds all of your titles when you go to grandma’s,- so you-sd pick up where you left off, all you need is wi-fi to tv and you are good to go! I want to talk about some of the origin, my daughter is six and when she started with you is replaying wi the little rc cables the into the back of the tv, one little teeny giving you that we spent 20 or $40 on. Then we upgraded having all these having consuls, all of these boards and all of these cables. I’ll be honest with you, i don’t even know how to use all of the stuff, cords then t we go to the store, 20, 30, 40, $50 a game.she is not additive $10 of the addi time, that is per disc. It is like the old concept of going to a video rental store or vi the new streaming concept, it is all here at your fingertips.

At y flare play is like flare giving you educational titles, wholesome titles titles, and so some of the larger bigger action titles if and when you want to unlock those for older kids. Today, i’ll use that as $20, spent $20, jim theodore and $2 you have until the end y of january and plug in and see if you want to see if you are comfortable what they’re playing with, if they love what they are playing with. You can take it anywhere you want, a big huge deal special for us at hsn, and so many of you are excited about this concept. If you have con kids and grandkids and you know they want a gaming console but you are not ready to sign up for hundreds, thousands of dollars at you at of game titles in, maybe you’re not exciting about shoot them, drive him up up. Exactly! emthis issomething you get home s at a great price and it only expands how you wanted to.

Test up exactly, what i’ve done is i’ve taken of the big-screen, if you’re bi old school like i have, and you went up lea little pac-man, we have it on here. If you want to do that live streaming, you can get s as competitive as you want, as an educational to want, even something as the bulls learning as how to count, learning math skills or critical thinking skills like matching puzzle visas, i want to see the quality of the graphics that you will have, realize it is simple and easy to navigate, whether you’re putting it on whatever this is, 65 inch television screen or using a portably a grandma’s house, you are never going to have  ne now going to have revolutionary graphics, you will never run out y of entertainment opportunities, you are the premium pack and the some of the classics som that you love the one of play yourself. On top of that, you will have the 50-based titles again keep and take anywhere!let’s talk hos dollar for dollar, 50 games.

That is $80 with the consulate would! The with the controller included, with a base that can go anywhere. If you can buy this and you ship it to your parents house for your kids, to go to grandma’s and grandpa’s and is looking to do to be entertained, maybe you are challenged for something to do in hotel rooms in the morning what you are getting ready, out holiday, was for the vacation time and they want a gaming console to play with, this is portable and it is so incredibly affordable.

I it grows as you wanted to, when you wanted to. We give you nine months of access to everything that is out there in the flare play world. Is growing every single day! That is $15 for that i montague by this montagu anywhere else. You guys for free, you always on, you never understand the $15 until the end of the nine months.

To check out and feel good at the titles that you are getting.and you know these titles, these are some of the ones that so you know, you’ll love this, i love how busy it is around here. If you really want to be able r to have simple and easy navigation, you have it. I’m going to take you to the menu and think about all the fun things that you have access to. You euros my stuff, under my stuff, look at this. In action and adventure, we’ll choose a category, what hello, how many titles that you have under action and adventure?

If you’re saying hey brett, i thought this is never going to have thosegames are mysix shooter my seven-year-old, you can set the parental controls, all printer control so it is useful and young and expanding and exploring that world. You are not spending an arm and a leg to do it, feeling good about doing it. Dickie gradually anywhere, all of it is high-definition content. You know how tvs of all guns mark, take it. Not paying à la carte per game, not paying an arm and a leg for consul in being able to have it anywhere. gone smart an get it today at the best bars we are ever going b to give offered for, get it right now because it is only $20, that is all you pay to rent a movie.

What you think might be appropriate for the kids. Get a whole new world of concepts and games!it gets better everyday, there are new games coming up every single day and if you wonder some simple things, if you’re the young one, that he will counter them, counting the 20, you can skip counting it going to sequels and patterns, you will have the 50 titles e.G.

Forever, and another 28 titles that are all included. You will have so much fun when it so m comes to educating your children and being interactive. Are not to little screen, where you had a little funny you h do not know where do not they’re going in the neck, now you know exactly where they’re going, internetan exclusive offer and only right off here on hsn, it does qualify for extended holiday return, as we ho not we give you nine-month subversion ni for your charges only fo 434 00:10:41,600 $15 a month.